Socio-economic and political development of Canada in the 50th of the XIX century

Bykova Tatiana Andreevna

Master Student, Department of International Relations, Political Science and Area Studies

Volgograd State University

Abstract. The impact of influence of rapid industrial growth in Canada on formation of constitutional system in the North American colonies in the 1850’s as one of major factors of formation of the new colonial structure is revealed. The authors concludes the following: a significant factor in the formation of the constitutional order in Canada in addition to industrial development are also Canadian-American relations, which led to the negative reaction of the UK; also it is revealed that by the end of the 1850’s the constitutional crisis in Canada has assumed a global scale in the view of mercantile policy of the Great Britain that didn't want to lose influence in colonies and that became subsequently the reason of providing the status of the Dominion to Canada.

Key words: industrial growth in Canada, American expansion in Canada, responsible government, constitutional structure of the North American colonies, the rebellion of 1837-1838, the formation of party system in Canada, feudal form of land tenure.

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