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Forms of constitutional control and review in Russia and foreign countries Written by Bondarenko V.V.
Image of the region as a factor of migration of graduates of university Written by Bozhko Y. D.
The role of contributions to the formation of the treasury of the joseph-volokolamsk monastery in the middle of the trouble time (1607-1608) Written by Tseluikina E.S.
Modeling the possibilities of managing the level of production and consumption waste Written by Tolstyakova A.V. , Romanchuk I. A.
Transaction costs of state financial control Written by Kevorkova M. E.
Faces of freedom in context of philosophy and law Written by Kalmykov G. R., Surkova M. A., Khvastovtsev V.V.
Development of social activity of citizens of the older generation in the conditions of the city Written by Grigoryeva S. A.
Features of the translation of vivid lexis in tourist brochures Written by Semenova E.A.
Ways of transferring humour in translation (based on Young & hungry and How I met your mother TV shows) Written by Nikonova N. S.
The problems of touristic slogan translation Written by Lushkina E.I.
Features of the humor translation on the example of the animated film “zootopia” Written by Ismailova T.A.
Linguopragmatic means of creating an image of the modern Russian politician in the english-speaking press Written by Gasyukova K. Kh.
Adequate translation of legal terms Written by Chemeteva Yu.V.
The speech of narrator in gastronomic television shows as an object of translation Written by Fedyaeva E.A.
Titles texts translation of popular culture: socio-cultural factors of linguistic marketing Written by Tertychnaya V.I.
Specificity of transferring The lexical and stylistical devices In terms of the literary translation (based on the w. Shakespeare play “Richard II”) Written by Skrotskaya V.A.
Translation pragmatic aspects (based on russian and english companies’ websites) Written by Анна
Language means of naming (using the example of german tourist texts) Written by Kutsenko E.A.
Presuppositions of linguistic and cultural stereotypes in the american business discourse (by the example of the editorial note of the american business magazine) Written by Knyazeva M.A.
Pragmatic aspects of press releases translation Written by Gavrilyeva E.A
Interferential nature of the translator’s cognitive activity Written by Volkovich V.R.
Netflix streaming platform neologisms as markers of modernity Written by Mayer V.S.
Social and cultural potential of urban space In linguosemiotic and translatological aspects (on material of the german and russian languages) Written by Vlasenkova A.S.
Documentary maintenance of the website in the university’s pr activities (using the example of the volsu website) Written by Anoshko P.S.
THE CATEGORY "RELIGION": TO SEARCH FOR NEW MEANINGS Written by Spichkova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
Nobility women’s burials of the Early Sarmatian time of the lower Volga region Written by Tischenko Inessa Evgenievna
Problems and directions of tourism development as a perspective industry of the regional economy Written by Matjushechkina Mariya Sergeevna
Problems and prospects of development of agritourism in the Volgograd region Written by Koneva Darya Alexandrovna
Formation of the main priorities of regional social policy in modern conditions Written by Berela Marina Pavlovna
The status of a woman in the society in the Novgorod land in the XII-XV centuries Written by Vakhrusheva Irina Vladimirovna
Comparative efficiency analysis of taxes and budgets assistant measures for small business in Russia Written by Sinitsyna Elizaveta Dmitriyevna
Method of legal regulation as criterion of designation of the essence of taxation law Written by Ryadchin Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Historiographical review of anthropological research of the medieval population of the Kuban and Northwest Caucasus Written by Popov Aleksandr Romanovich
Russian food security in conditions of WTO membership Written by Kalacheva Daria Germanovna
Parameters of general blood analysis depending on the level of glucose Written by Mashina Angelina Alexandrovna, Chernyaeva Maria Vladimirovna
On the problem of the peculiarities of permeability of the hemato-encephalic barrier in the conditions of ischemia Written by Andreeva Maria Grigoryevna, Morkovin Evgeny Igorevich , Kurkin Denis Vladimirovich
Phraseologisms with zoonym components in the russian and chinese languages Written by U Tsyuanmin
Realia as an object of translation (based on the texts of russian museum websites and their translation into english) Written by Nikonova Natalya Sergeevna
Translation technology of informational texts within the touristic internet discourse Written by Kutsenko Ekaterina Andreevna
Pragmatics of translating the texts of the politician’s official site (based on the material of the russian version of the website putin.kremlin.ru and its translation) Written by Gasyukova Karina Khachaturovna
RBC as a type of new media in business journalism Written by Dronova Mariya Viktorovna
Multilingual tourism website: glocalization aspect of translation (on the example of the tripadvisor website) Written by Cherepova Lyubov Borisovna
Texts of press releases as an object of translation (on the material of the site kremlin.ru) Written by Babkina Nataliya Andreevna
Variation of audiovisual products title translation Written by Tertichnaya Valeriya Ilinichna
Bilingual nature of the translator’s speech-thinking activity Written by Volkovich Vlada Ruslanovna
Globalization of the english language Written by Slesareva Alexandra Andreevna
Translation of the Shakepseare’s sonnets as a language code change in diachrony and synchrony Written by SkrotskayaVictoria Alexandrovna
Conceptual metaphor in political discourse: translation problems Written by Skorobogatova Lyudmila Vyacheslavovna
Translation and localization of texts in beauty industry (on the materials in french and russian websites) Written by Shokina Victoria Igorevna
Professional personality of guide-interpreter within the framework of excursion discourse Written by Sazonova Polina Igorevna
Localisation problems of advertising texts Written by Parasotskaya Anastasiya Anatolyevna
Parceling in the russian reporter magazine Written by Nizamutdinova Karina Flyurovna
Restoration of english mass media headline attractiveness in translation Written by Lushkina Elena Igorevna
Translation of metaphors in news media texts Written by Kazankova Yuliya Vladimirovna
Translation of movie titles Written by Ismailova Tamila Aslanovna
Localization of verbal content of aliexpress website (on the material of french and russian languages) Written by Guseva Liliya Yurievna
Variational brand nominations: comparative characteristics basing on the german and russian languages Written by Zhdanova Daria Mikhailovna
Implementation of the evaluative connotations in the translation of mass media texts Written by Gavrilyeva Elena Andreevna
Translation and interpretation of advertising texts Written by Yefimova Alexandra Dmitrievna
Peculiarities of translation of government institution website (based on the website of Russian MFA) Written by Bochkareva Valeria Vyacheslavovna
On professional lexikon in the speech of shipbuilders in Severodvinsk Written by Berskaya Darya Vasilievna
Using of translation memory systems in translation Written by Arestova A.A.
Expressive tools in the texts of the political figure image Written by Guseva L.Yu.
Metaphorical conceptualization of mnemonic processes in Russian and Chinese languages Written by Ding Ch.
Sports journalism: terms of skill and genre features Written by Zodorov A.I.
Compositional and lexical organization of document texts in the archive complex of the early XVII century Written by Ilyashenko V.E.
Content representation’s forms in federal and regional Internet mass media Written by Kalnova D.I.
Typological models in Volgograd online media Written by Kravchenko Yu.O.
Localization of French automobiles advertising on French and Russian web sites Written by Nam.I.V.
Comparison of linguo-cultural properties of phraseological units in Russian language to Azerbaijani language (on the base short stories by V.M. Shukshin and their translation into the Azerbaijani language) Written by Mammadova A.N.
Text of a contract as the object of translation (based on German copyright law contracts) Written by Klyuchak M.Yu.
Pragmatic aspects of translation of gender-targeted advertising (on the materials in French and Russian) Written by Pichienko K.Yu.
Translation of the consumer text: linguocultural and stylistic aspects Written by Poltorak V.I.
American and Russian agreement/disagreement strategies within the frame of translated communication Written by Trunova A.A.
Linguistic and cultural translation problems of “1+1” film Written by Prokopchuk A.S.
Interpreting of excursions: discursive aspects Written by Sazonova P.I.
Specific features of the multiple identity representation in Russian and German media discourses Written by Svinkina M.Yu.
National character peculiarities in British and Russian precedent texts Written by Sitnikova D.S.
Success phenomenon in the light of linguistic cultures: gender approach Written by Smirnov I.M.
Linguistic and pragmatic problems of metaphor translation in texts of PR discourse Written by Minyuk A.V.
Multiple modes of audiovisual translation Written by Lutkov E.A.
Pragmatics of translation of movie titles Written by Ismailova T.A.
Linguistic means of city branding (on the example of Russian and German official city websites) Written by Zaytseva I.A.
The hybrid nature of the tourist agency web site as a translation problem Written by Zhdanova D.M.
Problems of translation of proper nouns in texts in the genre of fantasy based on J. Rowling "Harry Potter" novels and its translations into French and Russian Written by \Gureeva A.Yu.
Strategy choice for translating culture-specific words in fiction texts Written by Tebueva N.A.
Publicist subtitle as a socio-pragmatic factor of publicist text Written by Timokhina Yu.V.
Internet comment as a basis for creating a translational thesaurus (tourism discourse) Written by Sharafutdinova K.S.
Translation problem of pun-in-movie Written by Groshev N.V.
Scientific articles translation: quality problem Written by Gladun D.Sh.
Grammatical reduction in Germany’s polyethnolect Written by Velibekova I.M.
Linguo-pragmatic issues of metaphor translation in the art text (on the material of the novel A. Makin «dreams of my Russian summers» and its translation into Russian) Written by Bochkareva V.V.
Volgograd investment portal: automatic translation specificity Written by Atapina T.A.
Stylistic features of texture units project documentation Written by Anoshko P.S.
Localization of gastronomic section of glossy women's magazines Written by Anikushina A.I.
International sanctions in the risks and threats of political security of modern Russia Written by Savchenko I.A.
Legitimation of the state authorities’ work in the Volgograd region Written by Poroshina T.V.
Implantation of public sector in social safety system Written by Matjushechkina M.S.
The practice of lobbying in the context of political modernization of modern Russia Written by Makarenko K.M.
Government regulation of mass communication as a method of ensuring political stability in Russia Written by Kostina E.M.
Style of management as a factor of organizational loyalty Written by Golovin D.V.
Institutional design of political regime Volgograd region Written by Gavrilov S.D.
Role of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation in the implementation of the decisions of the European court of human rights in domestic law in the prism of national sovereignty Written by Lukanina E.A.
Academic culture of Russian university Written by Ermilova A.V., Mashtakova A.Yu.
Sociology of mobile public spaces: behavioural tactics in public transport Written by Dmitrieva Yu.V.
Mobilities community and system of public transport: sketch of modern social reality in Volgograd Written by Artemova L.A.
Main conditions of increase of Canada’s international role during the First World War Written by Chukhlovin A.P.
Legal regulation of the institute of landownership in Russia in the second half of XVI – early XVII century Written by Smirnov A.S.
King and nobles: ways of interaction in the early years of the reign of Mikhail Romanov (1613 – 1618) Written by Moskalenko A.Yu.
The legal status of employees of the clerks in the second half of XVI - beginning of XVII century Written by Lashenov D.Yu., Ivina A.V.
Socio-economic and political development of Canada in the 50th of the XIX century Written by Bykova T.A.
The influence of audio-visual effects through felis therapy on the human body Written by Ryaskova K.A., Shmarina Ya.G., Sevrykova P.L.
Research of the port scanning detection methods Written by Kozhevnikova I.S., Pasyuk A.O.
Relationships of individual psychological characteristics of the personality and activity of the cardiovascular system of human body Written by Makievich M., Tovmasyan L.A.
Central hemodynamics of young humans in conditions of an urgent adaptation to staying in middle mountains Written by Bukova K.A., Klimanova M.N., Akimova N.A., Zatrudina E.B.
Dynamic characteristics of cerebral blood circulation of a young human in conditions of disturbing effects on an organism Written by Akimova N.A., Bukova K.A., Klimanova M.N., Zatrudina E.B.
Actualized digital terrain model and the distribution of roughness coefficient for the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain Written by Klikunova A.J., Agafonnikova E.O.
The hybrid nature of mass media discourse on migration issues and problems of its translation Written by Avanesova I.V.