Main conditions of increase of Canada’s international role during the First World War

Chukhlovin Alexey Pavlovich

Master Student, Department of International Relationships,

Political Science and Area Studies

Volgograd State University

Abstract. As a part of the study, we have concentrated our attention on the complex analysis of the aspects of the problem, and we have made next conclusions: the rise of Canada’s position in the world was lead both – by internal and external causes. In this scientific work, we have found out that the important growth of industry and agriculture sectors, expansion of political and civil rights in Canada occurred in this period of the First World War and influenced the development of Canada’s world position. Moreover, we have revealed they key role of Prime Minister R.L. Borden in this process: his relationship with Prime Minister of Great Brittan D. Lloyd George, active participation in Imperial War Cabinets, all of which made significant impact on the development of Canada’s relationship with its’ mother country.

Key words: First World War, Canada, R.L. Borden, Great Britain, Imperial War Cabinet, relationships.

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