On professional lexikon in the speech of shipbuilders in Severodvinsk

Berskaya Darya Vasilievna 

Master Student 


Abstract: The article is devoted to the concepts of professional and conversational vocabulary, as well as the determination of the place of these concepts in the structure of the modern Russian language. The emphasis is laid on different points of view regarding the concepts of conversational and professional vocabulary, highlighting the difficulty of delineating these concepts with such terms as “professional dialect“, “slang”, “slang terminology”, “jargon” and others. The importance of the functional and stylistic analysis of professional and colloquial vocabulary in the speech of the workers is shown and that professional vocabulary reflects the perception and vision of the world with people who share the same professional activities as well as their values and attitude towards their work and work colleagues. The article provides a thematic classification of regional marked trough occurring in the speech of the shipbuilding workers of the city of Severodvinsk, in particular, the names of workshops, workers, ships and tools.

Key words: professional vocabulary, spoken vocabulary, jargon, special vocabulary, professionalism.


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