Translation of the Shakepseare’s sonnets as a language code change in diachrony and synchrony

SkrotskayaVictoria Alexandrovna 

Master Student, Translation Studies Department




Abstract: The paper is devoted to the specificity of intralingual and interlingual translations of the Shakespeare sonnets that are used for creating an adequate and equivalent target text. The author analyses key features of diachronic and synchronic approaches to the source text and describes means of creating a historical flavour. The practical part of the study includes a description of a number of changes in the English language that took place in the New English period of the language development, stages of the word archaization as well as translation transformations that define the equivalence and adequacy of the source and target texts.


Key words: translation, sonnet, equivalence, adequacy, intralingual translation, interlingual translation, diachrony, synchrony.



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