Legal regulation of the institute of landownership in Russia in the second half of XVI – early XVII century

Smirnov Aleksandr Sergeevich

Postgraduate Student, Department of Russian History

Volgograd State University

Abstract. The paper is devoted to the regulation of the institution of landownership using codes of laws and decrees. The author dwells upon the hierarchy of landowners in the second half of the XVI century. The main thought of the paper is that the main driving force in the management of land tenure in this period was military spending of government, and the establishment of the principle of service from the land. The author draws attention to the flexibility in the policy of the regulation of service from the secular and religious land ownership in relation to the amount people supplied to the armed forces.

Key words: inherited estate, legislation, landownership, estate, ownership, history of Russia, sixteenthcentury, seventeenthcentury.

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