Parceling in the russian reporter magazine

Nizamutdinova Karina Flyurovna 

Master Student, School of Journalism and Mass Communications Institute



Abstract: The article is devoted to the consideration of the formal syntactic and the functional syntactic approaches to parceling as an expressional stylistic method in the materials of the “Russian Reporter (Russkij Reporter)” magazine. Parceling is most often used in the reporting texts which are disposing by genre to the increased syntactic expressivity. Besides the full stop the author can use such punctuation signs as exclamatory and interrogative signs, dots and an emphatic dash. Parceling visually and semantic divides the text on the main and additional phrases, but it also creates a syntactic seam which doesn’t interfere with the semantic cohesion and coherence of journalistic text.


Key words: parceling, expressional syntax, stylistic method, media linguistics, report. 




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